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Home ยป We learned which foods to wash before cooking and which not to.

We learned which foods to wash before cooking and which not to.

Some people believe that the kitchen should always be clean, with all of the dishes washed and the fruits and vegetables arranged according to size.
Certain things, like vegetables, shouldn’t even be cleaned, though.
We made the decision to research what we should and shouldn’t clean and soak.
Moreover, we’ll discuss the benefits of washing soda cans before drinking from them in the bonus section.

Avoid washing eggs.

Even if you purchased the eggs from a farmer or a shop, they should not be washed before to cooking if you plan to utilize them later.
This is a better approach to store them.
While washed eggs are immediately placed in the refrigerator, unwashed eggs can be kept at room temperature for several weeks.

Advice: Marinating eggs will help them stay fresher for longer.
They can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks.

Don’t wash uncooked meat.

We learned how to wash raw meat from our mothers and grandmothers.
Because meat used to be frequently purchased from other people, it might have contained dirt, sand, and grass.
Nowadays, we purchase our meat from establishments and farms where precise guidelines are constantly followed and the manufacturing of beef, pork, and poultry includes washing.

Meat shouldn’t be washed since the bacteria on the surface can travel to the skin and kitchen counter, perhaps contaminating your meals.
All the microorganisms will perish if you cook unclean meat because of the heat.

After preparing meat, wash all knives and cutting boards thoroughly.

Avoid washing onions.

There is no need to wash onions because they are protected by a peel.
But, if they are covered in dirt or soil, you can easily wash them.
Use only tap water and avoid using soap.

Advice: Avoid washing garlic as well.

Skip the mushroom washing.

The fact that mushrooms shouldn’t be washed before cooking is not widely known.
If they get too much water on them, they will disintegrate and lose their flavor.
If there are no soil clumps on them, it is preferable to cook them right soon.
Any dirt can be eliminated with a dry towel.

Advice: Just cut the dirt bits off.