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Five Ingenious Cooking Tricks That Everyone Should Try

Adults currently spend little under an hour every day preparing all three meals, according to a survey.
Compared to how much time past generations spent in the kitchen, this is 45 minutes less.
And the three main factors that contribute to individuals cooking faster today are a lack of time, culinary expertise, and working late.

Because Bright Side is aware of how busy our lives may be, we’ve gathered some of the most popular and inventive kitchen hacks to help us save time and effort.

1 Use a fork to peel and devein shrimp.

Shrimp peeling may be a time-consuming and nasty process.
Yet as it happens, a fork can assist us in simultaneously removing the shell and the vein.
After removing the shrimp’s head, follow the lesson video’s instructions by inserting a fork prong into the veiny area, guiding it into the shell, and pulling apart the shell.

2 Make use of sunlight or other agents to remove food stains.

Cutting boards can be left outside to be cleaned by nature, saving you time from having to scrub off the tough stains.
Simply set the board where it will receive direct sunshine.
The molecules and chemical linkages in the stain will breakdown as a result of the sun’s UV rays.

3 Roll the herbs first to slice them more quickly.

Too much time spent chopping fresh herbs can force all the flavorful fluids onto the board.
So here is a quick method for slicing large-leaved herbs (like sage and basil) into thin bits.
Just stack them, roll them up, and cut thin, ribbon-like pieces across the roll.

Another piece of advice is to freeze any extra chopped herbs in ice cube trays.
When it comes time to use them, simply toss the “ice” into the pan after adding a little olive oil to each block before freezing.

4 Use a piece of white bread to salvage burned rice.

Burnt rice will inevitably come into our life at some point (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us).
Also, the flavor of the perfectly cooked rice around it may be impacted, even if only the bottom portion is overcooked or toasted.

You can still save this one by placing a slice of white bread on top and leaving it for 5–10 minutes rather than tossing the entire thing and making a fresh batch.
You can still serve the remaining rice because the burnt flavor and scent will be absorbed by the bread.
Just be mindful not to scoop the bottom-most toasted portion.

5 Use a strainer to quickly separate leaves from stems.

We don’t have to individually remove the leaves from the stems; there is a simpler method.
A strainer or pasta spoons with measurement holes are all that are required.
Just insert the stem through one of the holes and carefully remove it from the other side to complete the process.
Even the leaves will be caught for you by the strainer.