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Explains Why She Quit Breastfeeding Her 5-Month-Old Twins, Ashley Graham

One of the most approachable public figures and models is Ashley Graham.
She has made it her mission to propagate the body positivity message after being the first plus-size model to ever grace the Sports Illustrated cover.
Graham also didn’t hold anything back during her pregnancies, demonstrating what it takes to be a mom in the process because she keeps it real in every facet of her life.

Graham, a mother of a boy and two twins, is promoting the idea that, despite societal norms, every mother has the freedom to decide whether nursing is best for her.

Graham recently spoke openly about the difficulties that every pregnant lady faces but would rather not talk too much about.
The model admitted, “Particularly with how your body is changing when you’re pregnant, and stretchmarks, and the drooping skin, formula, breastfeeding,” that she had thought about keeping some things to herself.
And there’s also the issue of individuals directing your child’s diet.

Ashley continued by sharing her breastfeeding experience: “With my first child, I was like, “I can only breastfeed!
This is the proper approach!
After having the twins, I declared, “I’m not doing this.”
This situation does not work.
You two want both of these, right?
This is labor-intensive.
When they were five months old, I quit nursing them and switched to the best formula I could find.
And these young men are so courageous and joyful.

Graham concludes by saying that each mother should make the choice between breastfeeding and formula based on her own experiences.
“I don’t think we should be instructing families how they should be feeding their kids,” she said in order to make her point.

The model then made herself even more approachable by discussing her physical difficulties following childbirth.
Your body simply fills up with nourishment, which the baby then suctions out of you, the woman claimed.
When the baby is born, you’re suddenly completely exhausted, which causes your hair to fall out, you to break out in acne, and the weight won’t go away.

By responding, “I like to depict myself as someone who’s just pleased with who I am,” Graham gave an explanation for her candor.
And I went through a trip. I don’t ever want to lie. Body confidence, being okay with who you are, etc., are all journeys.
And we’re all appreciative that the model shared her insights with us.